Apostrophes on iOs app create different notes than windows app

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Steps to reproduce

create note on windows and iOs app

Expected result

Because I had created the note on windows first I expected to be able to link a text that I had already typed on the iOs app to the same note.

Actual result

However, because the iOs apostrophe seems to be different it created a separate note


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19

Additional information

The iOS keyboard uses typographical single or double quotes by default, whereas Windows uses the straight ones (what you type on your keyboard are the non-typographical ones). That’s not an Obsidian bug.

You can either change that on iOS (I don’t know whether it’s possible), or install the smart typography plugin which will turn the standard quotes into the typographical ones.

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thanks. I checked out smart typography but it doesn’t convert single apostrophes.
But I did find the iOs setting to use simple apostrophes:

You can turn smart punctuation off in Settings , tap General . Then, tap Keyboards , and toggle Smart Punctuation to off


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