API endpoint for searching file content?

Hi all, I’m playing around with making an Obsidian plugin, but I’ve run into a gap in my understanding.

Does anyone know of an API endpoint for searching file content programatically? I’ve seen a couple of plugin authors sneak into the ‘global-search’ plugin to initiate a UI search, but I don’t see any way of initiating a query from JavaScript and getting the results as a JavaScript object.

My use case is that I want a way to execute a search and then render the results differently – sorting by matched line rather than grouping by file. This would be useful for e.g. sorting task lines by title or due date. My strategy right now is to use a custom code block (like the recently-added query block).

I don’t mind manually iterating through the notes in the vault, but I’d rather make use of the existing search engine (with its syntax, knowledge about tags and metadata, etc.) if possible.


If someone ever finds the answer for this. Let me know. I to want to query date (in this caste text) from Obsidian to send it to an external app. I could do this using a Cronjob with a grep command but I want to bundle it as a plugin.


This is also something I’m interested in.

@Craig Where did you find examples of plugin’s sneaking around like that? I’ve just starting looking at plugin source this weekend and haven’t found anything like that.

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I know the Text Expand plugin does this.

Thanks NomarClub! Yes, the text expand plugin was one of them – all the ones I found used a similar strategy.

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(I’m resurrecting this thread from the dead, but I wanted to add the answer for any other Google searchers like me.)

There’s a great plugin which will let you perform advanced full-text searches via JS/API:

If you don’t want to use the above plugin for whatever reason, here’s sample code which will perform an vanilla Obsidian search and then return a list of files which match the query.

const query = 'some query'

// Perform the search
const searchLeaf = app.workspace.getLeavesOfType('search')[0]
const search = await searchLeaf.open(searchLeaf.view)
const rawSearchResult = await new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(() => {
}, 300)) // the delay here was specified in 'obsidian-text-expand' plugin; I assume they had a reason

const files = Array.from(rawSearchResult.keys())

console.log(files.map(x => x.path))
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