Need suggestion for how to have files folder in the cloud (not as an alt to Obsidian Sync)

So Basically, I’m trying to find a system for using Obsidian in my small business (me, my parents and our 3 employees).
We have a lot of scanned documents, recorded courses etc. That’s all way too much for Obsidian Sync to handle. Plus I don’t want to have problems with massive storage requirements on mobile devices.

So I do plan on using Obsidian Sync, to support the devs and because I’m impressed which how fast it syncs (realtime enough). BUT exclude a folder where all big files go in.
What I imagine I might do is have whatever (cloud) storage system I use, have their client show the folder but not actually sync the files. Just if you access it, it downloads it real quick and displays it. (although I guess it might have to sync all of it anyway, if I want obsidian to be able to search trough those files).

Main problem with this method: on mobile, that won’t work. So on mobile I would want the links to those files in the notes, to open a browser with that file (login required).
Which would mean that something like Google Drive wouldn’t work well, because they just use file id’s instead of actual folder structures.
But even if I use a service that does use proper folder/file structures, it’d still need a way to ‘translate’ the links when on mobile, to the url version instead of the folder version.

Any ideas?
(and yeah, I want all my files to be available in Obsidian, ready to link, easy to search. I’m thinking of making it so all files have to be linked to some note or in a folder)

I would use placeholder notes in the vault. At minimum they would contain a link to the file.

  • i’d need something that automatically creates those placeholder notes
  • I can’t search the contents of those files if they’re just placeholders

I don’t think you’re going to find a solution inside Obsidian. For search I would just use the system search. If you really want to search them in Obsidian, you’ll need to generate Markdown versions (or at least plain text versions with .md filename extensions). To automate conversion or placeholder-making, use whatever is available for that on your OS (shell scripts, Shortcuts, etc).

how do you search through non MD content in Obsidian?

As suggested by my last reply, I don’t.

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I’m currently still in the idea phase of what i’m trying to do.
But I found the Obsidian-OCR plugin and started thinking of using it for many of our files.

There is API endpoint for searching file content? - #6 by AlanG
But that’s not really going to scale well in terms of performance and convenience.

So I’m starting to think I’ll have to rethink a lot of things

EDIT: long term hope is this [Feature request] Search should also find non-md files (most importantly pdf) · Issue #58 · scambier/obsidian-omnisearch · GitHub

EDIT2: also related A different paradigm: Obsidian as an interface for the file explorer

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I think you should not search in notes outside of obsidian, you will not find your own notes and obsidian will become a datadump… a lot information in, no information out.

there is a gap though which I also struggle with, a good linking between obsidian content and external local content, plus the issue on how to link to specific pages of this content.

If you’re referring to pdf’s:

You can embed a PDF file in your notes with the same syntax. Additionally, you can write ![[My File.pdf#page=number]] to open to that specific page of the PDF directly.

but that only works by default with PDF which you have in the vault. I don’t have them in the vault. Plus it is a highly manual task to do this… yeah I know :grinning:

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