Anyway to use obsidian as an "inventory" software for phone? thx

i used to use and app “inventory” to keep list and location of items, which could also take a photo of the item.

but as it strictly stick to the app’s usage method, i found if i could use obsidian instead, i can use it my own way.


support i use levels of folder to record locations e.g. garden/boxA/lowest-layer/coke

i wish there is an app (suppose android) that i can go into the coke folder, take a photo THERE, rename it etc and edit a .md file.

currently, obsidian dont have camera fx (not working on my phone, there is a very naive obsidian plugin for iphone?).

any people could solve it? suggest an app to use /w obsidian, to take photo and place in THAT folder?

i used to use tagspaces that way, but that app is hugelys SLOWw…


ok, i found a solution.

use Markor.

indeed i still use markor and simpletask with obsidian.

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