Anyway to skip "No file is open" after deleting a file?

I like to make small notes, that I later go back to and either add further notes or delete it. I much prefer Obsidian to go to the file list after I have deleted the file so I can go right to opening another file/note and this additional screen seems so tedious and unnecessary.

What have I tried?

I’ve tried exploring the settings, no luck there and cannot find any results with this request, which is a little surprising.


I agree with this. A setting to close the tab after file deletion would be appreciated.

@Savas I would support a feature request if you made one. Good idea.

As a workaround, you could make a little AutoHotkey or Keyboard Maestro macro to press hotkeys for Delete current file and Close current tab one after another, with a slight delay between. However, it would obviously only be useful when you are deleting the file that is the last tab in the tab group. In this sense, the macro might actually be a liability. So, assuming no one replies that a plugin can already accomplish this, I look forward to the request if you decide to make one. Thanks.

Thank you for your workaround suggestion, but as I’m on android that work around seems a little too complicated. I’m a little surprised this has not popped up before, but happy to make the request. Done so here.

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