Anyway to see every aliases without opening the file?

What I’m trying to do

When a file named ‘alphabet’ has A, B, C as its aliases, and I only remember ‘alphabet’, and I’d like to see all of its aliases without opening the file.

If A, B, C were file name and alphabet was the folder name, [[alphabet]] would show A,B,C. but not on the case above. is there any solution to this?

More than often, I use backlink as a simple and fast search tool.
(no need to click / open / nor be away from the editor)

Ie, I would make a folder named alphabet and make three files (A, B, C).

Then, by simply using backlink [[alphabet]], I can recall what’s in alphabet.

This works fine. But Making a note with a heading is a hassle when the list goes longer.

I thought aliases could be a solution to this, but couldn’t figure out how anywhere.

Things I have tried

omnisearch seems like it could be an answer but didn’t work as intended. ( I still had to open the file to check all the aliases.

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