Anyway to hide a whole folder?

What I’m trying to do

I have two major folders in my obsidian. One for personal files such as diary entries etc. and the other is professional with study notes, book notes etc.,
I want to be able to hide my personal folder when I need to because sometimes I only want to go through/ see the other “professional” links I have made, ignoring diary entries concerning them or connected to them.
Is there some way to hide and show my “personal” folder freely?

Things I have tried

I have lightly looked for a plugin to help with this but couldn’t find any. I am not tech savvy at all so please keep your advice understandable in baby language.

Try the plugin File Hider! But this will only hide the folder from the file / folder structure. This will not make backlinks to the not wanted files disappear.

Maybe you could achieve this with tags?

Maybe you could consider having 2 separate vaults.

I have 2 vaults. One where I keep my projects, ideas, reading notes, school, business notes. Another where I keep stuff specific to a hobby of mine, so it can grow as a separate knowledge base.

And I do most of my “morning pages”, private, ranting, emotional, journalling stuff completely separate in another app. So there is no risk of it mixing in with my more professional stuff.

I do keep a daily notes journal in Obsidian (actually one note per month with day separators) but it’s all technical and knowledge stuff.

The thing is though, I connect a lot of the knowledge I gain from the books I read etc., to the my personal content. So it’s not that I want them completely separated, but I do want them to be “hidable”

Do you want to hide links to these files as well? In the sense that they are unclickable if you have linked to them in a professional file?
Do you want them to be gone in graph view?

I want them gone in graph view! That’s my main problem. I’ve tried the file hider plugin suggested above but it does not help with that :frowning:

You could create a filter excluding one of the main folders: and save it as a Bookmark so you can easily get back to that view.

One way you could lock the private part away without totally breaking the connections, is by having all professionally related matter under a “professional” folder in your vault. Then have Obsidian create a vault from that “professional” folder. The result is that all private files will be outside the vault when you use that “professional” vault. Otherwise, the entire second brain, including the private stuff, will be visible.