Anything similar to a vimrc file?

I love Obsidian’s Vim key bindings, it’s one of the things that really make a difference for me.
One thing I noticed is that although the bindings are (naturally) far from complete, they are rather capable, and things like key mapping (if done simply with :map and nothing fancy like :nnoremap) work quite well.
Is there a way for me to make these mappings persistent, e.g. a file that is loaded on startup similarly to a .vimrc file?

I am not familiar with Vim, but Obsidian keeps some of this information in its .obsidian folder inside your vault. config keeps hotkeys, but I’m not sure if it keeps Vim key commands. Maybe poke around there? If you find any solution, report back—it sounds like it’d be useful to other Vim users!

This would have to be a feature request. You might also want to see this existing feature request