Anyone using Obsidian and Craft Notes symbiotically?

Is anyone using craft notes and Onsidian symbiotically?

While both obsidian and craft can be appreciated for their nerdiness, they are very different tools, with different assumptions and different abilities.

I come from the WYSIWIG Mac world, I’m not a programmer, but I’ve always lived on the nerdy side. For example, I have quite a bit set up with DataView, doing things that could never be achieved in Obsidian. And ChatGPT gets me a pretty long way with my JavaScript.

I think of Craft more as a document management and publishing tool than a knowledge management tool. I really like craft for what it is, and what it does, and I’d like to lean into it, but I don’t want to make the mistake of jumping in and discovering that it clashes with obsidian too much. I want to avoid having the same data in two different places, or more specifically having almost the same data in two different places, if you get my drift That said, I’m not interested in any kind of life type of a thing.

So, if you have experience with both of these apps in the top shelf of your tool kit, what’s your approach?

Craft is something I fiddle with but never decide to use wholeheartedly. Mainly because it’s a walled garden, where all the documents are locked tightly into the Craft ecosystem and cannot get out. Unlike Obsidian which is totally open to the rest of your computing environment.

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Yeah, for me the attraction is a super weird thing. I grew up in the days of WYSIWIG magic in the context of DTP… Paige maker, quark, illustrator, etc.

Apps were visual, and simple, and I’m observing that, not praising that. I did a lot of automation with CE software is QuicKeys, AppleScript, BBEdit. But the approachability of clean designed user interfaces have also always appealed to me. I am a bit of a chameleon in that way.

So, I think I am going to pick a single subject meant more for final production, and just see if it is a secondary tool. Because I feel pretty locked into Obsidian.

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I used Craft to compose my daily notes and as a project management tool, then tansferred to Obsidian when it was time to do proper data digging. The mobile experience is great too. I eventually stopped using it because I couldn’t automate transfer of data through Apple shortcuts.

Same struggle here, mainly for the very same reasons. Obsidian is accessible, reliably syncing but has weaknesses when it comes to output in different formats and keeping the output style looking less nerdy and more professional. Incidentally, those are the strength of having a “walled garden”: Craft excels for me in easily sharing information, having robust sync and enjoying the interface MUCH more while being sure to have a nice output in a variety of formats…