Anyone used Obsidian for your RSS-feeds?

So a few months back I looked into this YouTube-video, that brings up the power of Obsidian: Elevate from a normie to an elite internet user - YouTube

It helped me so much in my workflow, gathering my thoughts and doing project management. However the video suggests using Obsidian as an RSS-feader. When I initially set up Obsidian, I did include a few RSS-feeds with the plugin “RSS Reader”. However - now I can’t access the feed. Earlier it was shown as an RSS-icon in the top right corner that I could press, however now it’s nowhere to be found. I checked thorough the settings but I can’t find it.

I can find the RSS feed in the plugin folder though. It fetches the feeds as it should, and I can see all data. Any ideas on what is going on here?

I also love this plugin, but it seems to be a bit buggy. I would also like if it was possible to show the whole article - not only the compressed version. Somethimes it helps to restart Obsidian to get hte RSS-icon back.

You can use Command Pallete and search for Rss Reader: Open commmand and the icon will reappear. I love this plugin but it’s really slow when there are too many articles yet the clean up option doesn’t seem to work. Is there any solution to this?

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