Anyone interested to integrate yomichan?

Yomichan is a browser extension to work with japanese in an early stage of learning. It makes reading japanese material far easier.

I use this extension a lot and the best part is to integrate it with videos.

Actually, i am writting my notes in japanese whenever i can and (aside of looking cool) i desire to have Yomichan here, since though i know the meaning of the words, i struggle in accent pitch, and having the full definition of a word is handy.
So, since obsidian is based on chromium, it is possible to create a plugin or something of the like to mimic or replicate the whole or part of the functionality, at least, that is my initial conclusion.

Then, my questions are:

  1. Are there anyone with my use case scenario?
  2. Do anyone use yomichan? if so, do you have any ideas how to integrate yomichan in obsidian in a simple way?? or integrate some of its core functionality??

A bit late to the party but I would be really interested in this too. I’m learning Japanese since about half a year and Yomichan is helping a lot. If we could get it into Obsidian this would be awesome. Yomichan is open source so it should be possible but would probably take a good chunk of work to remove and replace the chrome extension dependent bits :thinking:

Might take a stab at it in the following weeks.