Anyone Generate Teaching Material/ Course Lectures Out of Their Notes? Share/Showcase Structure, Workflows, Templates?

I’ve typically maintained all my lectures in a behemoth LaTeX project, with each topic having a behemoth TeX file.

I probably will stick to LaTeX for the final output, so I’m thinking of using Obsidian more as an “idea/narrative/resource/structure” compiler/manager, and the actual production pipeline in a dedicated project … but I’m happy to thinking about bringing this into full Markdown within-Obsidian workflows if anyone has anything to share.

What I’m thinking now is to break everything thing down into little “story notes”, e.g. instead of “Big Multi-Lecture Topic”, I would have a bunch of more focused sub-lecture notes (5-10 slides,) and then an index note or MOC to organize the linear flow across subtopics through links. Each of these micro-lecture notes could then have subsections to collect links related to external resources or supplemental materials or fun news items etc.


Good idea.

I’ve been postponing cutting up my lengthy entries into smaller chunks and all I could think of is more manual tasks along the lines of refractoring headings into individual notes and transcluding them. Probably an MOC/Index kind of approach would be safer too.

As always, automation (with the help of Templater?) would be best, or if needed, a program that is not Obsidian to do the job.