Anyone else seeing strange lock files?

I’m seeing a large and growing number of “.My Drive*" folders in my Google Drive folder:

They look like lock files and seem to appear when I create new files in Obsidian.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to find the source of these files so I can stop them being created.

Things I have tried

There doesn’t seem to be any similar reports I can find online. I can’t see any settings in Obsidian related to these files.

Could this be an Obsidian related issue?

Are they appearing at a fast enough rate for you to test by quitting Obsidian for a while and seeing if they keep appearing?

They seem to appear fairly regularly. I just tested now and a new one appeared as I opened Obsidian and started editing and moving a file.

The hidden files also seem to follow the folder structure of my Obsidian vault:

While Obsidian was closed, you waited long enough to feel sure one of those files would normally appear, and none did until you started Obsidian?

Have you searched the web about “.My Drive” files in general to find out what they’re for?


Nothing I can see, although it’s not a search term that’s easy to find.

Ugh, why are search engines so bad now?

If you can find Google help docs or forum you might be able to search the term there (maybe in combination with “hidden files”).

You could also try opening one of the files to see what’s in it, if you haven’t already.

The files don’t look like anything that Obsidian does directly that I know of.

Hi @rgladwell, I found two posts with similar issues using the search term:

“.My Drive” AND Google OR Obsidian

Neither one mention Obsidian but both have the dot files. I don’t use GDrive that much so I don’t know for sure if either will help but I posted both the links below. Looks like both uninstalled the google drive app and reinstalled.

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Looks like it was a Google Drive issue. Uninstalled/reinstalled the macos app and it seemed to resolve the issue.

Thanks for the help.

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