Anyone else having performance issues after adding large attachments?

Thanks to the devs for a great tool - love Obsidian, which is getting better all the time. And big compliments to the fellow users - I am lurking around in the forums regularly. Great community!

Things I have tried

One issue came up: after adding two soundfiles as attachments to archive podcast-episodes, the editor “stutters”: During writing, the editor lags behind a few seconds - even in totally non-related notes. I tried several themes and disabled plug-ins (dataview, kanban,…) etc. Nothing helps. However, the stutter reliably disappeared, after I moved the big soundfiles (80MB each) out of the vault.
I searched the forum but couldnt find a similiar issue noted by other users.
Anyone else experiencing something similiar?

I disabled the live-preview feature and run a pretty standard windows-10 setup. No custom css etc.

What I want to achieve

Having the source I am commenting upon in my notes at hand. I am using Zotero for literature and stuff, but it doesnt handle soundfiles (or epubs, mobi etc) very well.

I haven’t seen any reports of sound files causing issues. What format were they?

I don’t want to rattle on about it but, if no other solution turns up, you could solve the issue at hand with a tiny bit of nesting.

  • Let vault A contain the attachments. There is no need for this vault to have notes.
  • Let vault B have all your notes.
  • Put both into vault C, which will then be able to see both the notes and the attachments. Set vault A as the attachment folder for vault C. Do all your linking to attachments in vault C.
  • Write your notes in vault B, which will be unaffected by any attachments in vaults A and C.

You could have either vault A or C open while you are writing your notes in vault B.

They seem to be simple mp3-files.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep this in mind as a last-ditch-effort-solution…

you could also put the attachments into a cloud storage like dropbox and iframe embed it into your note

Thank you. I am already using a cloud storage to sync. I have to look up iframe - but basically I am totally fine with only having a link in my note refering to the audio-file, so I can open it in my default application, if I want to check the original source.

Is nesting vaults an approved option? Seems like it could get messy. I’ve never tried.

It’s not officially approved - see threads - but my whole system has been based around them for eighteen months or so and I have never had a problem. They work very well, and offer a number of advantages, but there could be a few problems if you aren’t aware of which vault you are in, which vaults that vault can see (and not see), and are careless in creating links or creating notes from links. I think some people, like me, will never have a problem, while the more careless but gung ho will be liable to misdirected links and duplicating files that already exist. Never duplicating file names should avoid all problems. I think there are others who use them extensively too.

It’s not messy at all. It is actually all about data structures. It uses Obsidian’s vault design for user-driven functional reasons, not simply programmatic ones.
It also makes it simpler to work using other programs on files in Obsidian’s vaults.

Good to know if the need arises.

If you look at the data structure suggested here, It’s an extremely simple one with a vault having attachments in one sub-vault and notes in a different sub-vault. The notes vault ought to be very fast because it only holds markdown notes; having attachments in a separate folder in common practice anyway.
The one stricture is doing the links etc rom the top vault

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