Anyone else have issues with plugin Icon Folder not having the same icons available on different machines?

I have two Windows 11 laptops using Obsidian Sync to transfer data back and forth between them. I have both setup to sync core plugins and community plugins and their settings. I installed Icon Folder plugin from the community to dress up the folders a little. Almost all of them sync perfectly but a few and those don’t even seem to be available on one of the computers. For example, for website info (a website I manage) I have the Weebly icon on one laptop but it will not sync. When I try to add it to the folder as an icon on my other computer, it isn’t there in the options to select. I’ve made sure I’ve downloaded all the icon packs so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be. I’d select a different icon that works, like a globe or something, and when i get back to my other laptop that originally had the Weebly icon, it doesn’t have the globe icon. This is happening with 3-4 folders out of maybe 40. Not the end of the world but curious as to why it is happening. I have every single setting the same, double checked the installs side by side, so I’m not sure why the same plugin doesn’t offer the same icons on different machines.

Anyone else have experience with this icon and this issue?

I haven’t used it myself, but I’ve seen multiple Discord posts about sync issues using this plugin (if it’s the same one). It’s advised not to sync the icons.

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