Anyone able to spare a half hour for some live conversation one of these days?

Things I have tried

I feel like i’m running around in circles trying to find the most productive way to use this thing! A little in person guidance would be worth so much. This list might end up as a study-rubrick only for me, but figured I’d put it out there anyway.

A few things I’m trying to figure out how to do:

  1. how to set up dates in daily notes so you can go between note links
  2. found a way to set up daily note titles so they include days of the week, but then it doesn’t sync to my calendar?
  3. what are style editors? How to customize themes?
  4. what are snippets everyone’s talking about?
  5. can the full calendar sync with outlook?

I’m (obviously) not a coder, but I can follow direction well. Any help would be appreciated. I really like obsidian and feel bad that I can’t get take full advantage of all the hard work you spend in developing it.

What I’m trying to do

Hi Stella,

I cannot help you with personal guidance but I can give you some hints on where to look.


  • Anything put within double brackets become clickable links between notes [[]]. To get yesterdays date in the current note you put yesterdays date in double brackets. For advanced automation I recommend the templatr plugin, but it has a learning curve.
  • I’m not aware of any means to allow for syncing the obsidian calendar with a calendar outside of obsidian such as outlook.
  • Snippets are short pieces of code that change the look of obsidian through CSS. There are numerous readymade snippets to use but trying to change something quickly becomes hard for non-coders and I’d recommend you to not focus on this in the beginning. Just find a theme you like and stick with it. Minimal is great and allows lots of customisation without snippets through the minimal style settings plugin.
  • If I were you I’d focus on getting accustomed to writing in markdown and using a select number of plugins and then learn as you go.

For more information on how to use obsidian I recommend YouTube. Here are some good places to start.

For more step by step guidance there are courses such as this one

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