Any way to separate cards with Kanban plugin

Just starting to use Kanban plugin (great!)… A minor visual question: In previous Kanban apps, the cards are separated, but with this plugin, the cards run together. There is a thin border between them, but I’d prefer to have more obviously separated cards if possible. Thanks!

Things I have tried

Yes, it can be done with a CSS snippet. I can’t provide details but I think the question has been asked and answered before, if not here then on Discord.

Thanks. I did search and saw CSS snippets for changing background, but not this- will take another look…

Try this snippet, I think it should work with other themes.

Thanks much @govsat1 … Pretty sure I did everything right, but it’s not changing appearance. I tried installing an unrelated css snippet to make sure I was doing this correctly, and that did work. So it appears to be installed and enabled (refreshed and turned on), but cards still run together. Let me know if anything obvious I may be missing- thnx again.

Actually, just figured it out! I was using Blue Topaz theme… when switched back to default, cards do show separately. Thanks again!

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