Any way to label and filter links?

Apologies if this a straightforward feature somewhere. I’m currently dipping my toes in to see whether Obsidian would work for me and couldn’t find it anywhere:

What I’m trying to do

I would like to classify or label my links, such that each link belongs to a category. I would then like to filter the graph view to only include certain links, both visually and for aligning items. (either white or black listing)

An example use case: When organizing papers in a literature review; I would create links from a paper to its authors. However, in graph view that would be unwieldy. I would like to classify 1-2 of these links per paper as primary authors (usually just the first author). If graph view is filtered to include only those links, it should result in neat bubbles showing different authors and which papers they are directly responsible for.

Is this possible, either in vanilla or using plugins?

Things I have tried

I considered using subsection links to mark up links in a manner of


However, I couldn’t find any way to filter on these subsection links.

I managed to get something similar, though I dont know how to do the “local graph” part. I hope this will somewhat help, and it needs dataview plugin to work.
You can download the demo vault from the link below to check it out.

When you hover on the link of an Author, you can view its page and have an idea of what paper they contributed. (646.1 KB)

Thanks for the tip of using Dataview.
I’ve tested it a bit, but in the end, I’m really primarily interested in getting this to work in graph, where all the links still show up, so I don’t think this would be the solution.
I’ve tried going the other way around, having the authors only defined as Metadata and then having Dataview automatically create the links, however, it seems that links in a dataview table aren’t included in the list. And even if they were, it would remove the possibility of jumping from a paper to any of the other authors when in that note.

In the meantime, I also tried the Juggl plugin, which supports labeling links in its custom graph, and can even style them based on a label, but afaict still doesn’t allow exclusion of links from the graph.

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