Any sync risk with two Obsidian vaults open simultaneously?

My typical Obsidian use case is to be working from two different Macs on the same Obsidian vault throughout the day. I’m using the official sync solution for both as well as the mobile apps.

Is there any reason for concern if I leave Obsidian running on both computers with the sync enabled? Obviously I want to avoid any conflicts or corruption. I’ve been shutting down and restarting Obsidian on each computer as I move between between them throughout the day, but I don’t want to do that if it’s not necessary.

What if I happen to have the same file open on both?

What’s the official recommendation?


I have tested it myself opening the same vault and note on 3 different laptops. Sync was almost instantaneous. All three were connected to a reliable wifi network. If you make edits when offline and don’t sync before working on a different device that will of course create an issue. This has only happened to me on 2 occasions and the notes were merged. I wasn’t given any indication that the merge had happened and only discovered it when I opened the files the next day.

Thanks for the info. That’s how I would have expected it to work, so good to have some confirmation.

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