Any suggestion on syncing Obsidian on iPhone?

Hi friends, I’ve been using Obsidian on the mac and it’s a great app, love it! I don’t use Obsidian sync, just the normal/free version is enough for me.

Have been trying to adjust and figure out ways to sync my obsidian vault across mac and iPhone, and it’s such a nightmare. The easiest setup I could figure out was via iCloud, but iCloud doesn’t sync well and when I open obsidian on the phone, it is Waiting for iCloud to synchronize... for 30 secs- 1 min :slightly_frowning_face: .

Any other setup recommendations that’s more reliable and doesn’t require me handholding it once it’s configured?

PS: Can’t afford a subscription for sync.

Similar thread from a few days ago:

These are the five methods currently believed to work for syncing between devices if you’ll be including an iPhone and/or iPad:

iCloud (NOTE: iCloud on Windows is known to cause file duplication issues as well as data corruption and loss, and the Obsidian devs and community strongly recommend that you avoid this combination.)

• Official Obsidian Sync

Self-hosted LiveSync plugin

Remotely Save plugin and various cloud services, including Amazon S3 or S3-compatible, Dropbox, OneDrive for personal, and Webdav

Git with the Working Copy iOS app


Or iSH/A-Shell (the latter even via Shortcuts).

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I changed “using” to “syncing” in the title so people will know what the question is.