Any plugin to import dendron vault into obsidian?

Hi all, I came across this post on moving obsidian vault into dendron "Effortlessly" open your obsidian vault in dendron!, Is there any way to go reverse?

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NVM I just wrote this if anyone is interested.

import glob
import shutil
import os

def applyrecurse(path):
    if path.count(".")>1:
        index = path.find(".")
        foldername = path[:index]
        newfilepath = os.path.dirname(path) + "/" + os.path.basename(foldername) + "/" + os.path.basename(path[index+1:])
        if not os.path.exists(foldername):
        os.rename(path, newfilepath)

for filepath in glob.iglob('./*.md'):
    print("file path is ", filepath)


I am new to Obsidian.
How do you use this JS code in Obsidian to import Dendron vault?
Thanks in advance

It is python code, you have to save the code in a file with a .py extension in your dendron’s vault folder and run the file in the terminal after.

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Thanks, it works like a charm!


Judging from your python script, I’m understanding that it converts only the dot-type filename into folder-type files. It does not take into account of Dendron-specific markdown syntax, does it?

I wonder why don’t you use the export to markdown pod developed by Dendron instead?

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super helpful for my desire to do exactly this and migrate backwards. thanks!

I found a case where this python script fit better than the exportMarkown pod by Dendron

  • the export pod will change the transclusion syntax ![[]] by inserting the transcluded content into the current note, because transclusion syntax is not supported by markdown
  • while the python script does not touch the syntax conversion