Any plugin options for cropping embedded images?

What I’m trying to do

Crop embedded images from within Obsidian. Specifically, I’d like to paste an image into Obsidian as an embed/attachment and crop it to only the relevant portion I’d like to keep.

Things I have tried

I’ve been googling and have found a few image plugins like Image Toolkit and Image Converter which are great. But none offer the ability to crop. I have to think that, if it was easy, one of them would have tried to implement cropping…is this just not possible through a plugin?

You should use native image editing capabilities offered by your OS to crop your image. Usually you can just copy the cropped image directly without saving it. In windows use Paint 3D and in mac Preview. You can also right click image-links in source view and select Open in default app or Reveal in finder/explorer.

If you want to crop and edit images for printing purposes, then Obsidian isn’t the right tool since editing <—> pdf/print preview workflow is cumbersome. For this purpose you should use MS Word for example. You can use Pandoc to convert markdown files to docx which can then be used for editing <—> pdf/print preview workflow.