Any plan for a Black Friday offer in 2022?

I’ll repeat the same question posted by @den, last year, in the topic Discount {Black Friday}, any plan for a Black Friday offer?


Yeah, there has been so many new adopters. Giving people a chance at the 4/month again for sync would entice a lot of people… including me :star_struck:

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I signed up for the $4/mo on the very last day. Back when I wasn’t sure I was going to use Obsidian. I’m glad I did because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t sign up for $8/mo. Too much for me.

Oh man, I tried to delete so I could reply and I messed the whole thing up. haha

I tried to say
For what it provides, I do feel $8/month is too high for just syncing. Maybe publish is? I only want it on my iPhone so I can reference it, but want the OPTION to add to it on the go. 8/mo is too high for an ‘option’.

Also tie it to the insider or donator option or something still? Then you get a flat ‘fee’ plus the continued monthly. But don’t bilk us. My database is like 500mb.
I know some people might have huge ones with high bandwidth costs.
Still thinking aloud… maybe tier them? Just make it reasonable. I hate how some of them offer like 1GB, then it’s $10 for the next tier which is like 1TB or something and it’s overkill. Your audience is going to be a spectrum.

Nonetheless, if you want to hook me now, give me a killer price on Sync for Black Friday.

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Could not agree more. I’m getting started and see value in the app (could become a go-too) but $8 is a bit prohibitive for me personally.

Will keep my eyes open :slight_smile:

+ 1. $8 is quite a lot for me as well. $4 or even $5 will make it an easy choice for me.

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Same here, i love to pay for sync because its a hassle to setup something like github or dropbox for it. But 8$ is just too much. 4-5$ and i would be in…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. Try again next year :slight_smile:

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