Any info on how tags will work in Publish?

And also a broader question, what will the output of Publish look like? I’m very interested in putting together a digital painting/drawing wiki that ties together stuff I’ve learned from a lot of sources using Obsidian, and I’d like to rely mostly on tags for it (many topics, linked, and tagged with things like #color-theory or #drawing, etc)

What will that look like for the end user browsing the Published site? Will it be essentially a copy of the Obsidian editor interface, or something more like a wiki? Will it be configurable? Will there be an easy way to show tags to the user, or would that just be done with a hand-made MOC?

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Most of these questions are as-yet unanswered—although the silver lining within this cloud of uncertainty is that the sky’s the limit!

If you have particular ideas (which you seem to!) I would celebrate a few feature requests from you.


I’d want to put some brain cycles on it before I open my fat mouth for a feature request, so I guess I’ll spitball a bit here for the time being.

Seems like the most obvious method would be duplicating the obs UI to the web, since it’s built in Electron. Not sure if that’s the route the devs want to take, but it makes a certain amount of sense. It wouldn’t be as flexible as I imagine that people would want though. Users would be limited to obs’s own interface, which seems counter to their goals.

Conversely, the idea of providing any kind of configurable publish pipeline seems… hairy. There’s a lot of potential asks from the users that direction. Would obs provide an entirely customizable build pipeline? Sounds hard, but also why not just have build scripts that can package/output the content to whatever the user wants at that point? Or maybe it’s more of a highly configurable site-builder type of operation? Sort of like a wordpress where the backend is your obs files, but you can customize the theme/interface… That might suit a lot of folks. Probably not everyone wants to remux their data into some weird, non-traditional format, and those who do will probably be able to make use of python or whatever for that.

Ooh, it could also be something like Hugo, where you write your own (or get a) theme with its own templates, using Handlebars or something to place content, possibly even allowing for users to place specific nodes in specific locations on the page (ie a MOC for Primary Navigation or social links or whatever)

It turns out that I don’t actually have a lot of specific ideas for it, so I guess thats why I was asking what we know, as that’d be a good springboard.

Regardless, I’m super excited to see what comes of Publish.



Another thing on my mind about Publish: we already know that if you use [[wiki links]] you can’t push directly to Git[Lab|Hub] Pages, because they don’t support them, but I would hope and suspect that Publish would. On the other hand, maybe an interrelated plugin idea would be for obs to “translate” links while generating content:

  1. user enters [[
  2. obs opens auto complete
  3. user enters lin
  4. obs suggests Drawing/Line Art
  5. user hits enter
  6. obs replaces [[Drawing/Line Art]] with ![Line Art](Drawing/Line (or whatever variation makes the link structure work in Pages, probably .html