Any hotkey to refocus on last active pane, after alt-tabing out of Obsidian

Hi, new to Obsidian and couldn’t find this addressed elsewhere in the help section -

I often alt-tab in and out of Obsidian and other programs. However, when I come back into Obsidian, I have to use my mouse to click to make the typing cursor active again. Otherwise the cursor remains as a big plus cursor and I can’t type.

Is there any keyboard shortcut or setting to change, to be able to do this without leaving my keyboard?


I’m on a Mac and Cmd+Tabbing in and out of Obsidian keeps the cursor active.

  1. Are you on Windows?
  2. What does that big plus cursor usually mean (in other apps)?
  3. Do you have any third-party plugins enabled?

Thanks for your response.

  1. Windows, yes
  2. I haven’t come across it elsewhere, so I’m not sure.
  3. I do have a handful of 3rd party plugins but I tried disabling all of them and still had the problem.

Anyhow- i ended up doing the good old ‘turn it off and turn it on again’ (the system), and now the cursor is active during my alt-tabbing as well.

It didn’t happen with other programs (ie, cursor remained active in chrome, in word, etc when alt-tabbing) and only happened with obsidian. So i don’t know if its a random glitch or if something specific happened. But it seems to be all fine now. Thanks

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Same for me, Windows 11, Obsidian v0.13.14, v0.13.19, after alt-tab from-to obsidian, cursor looses focus (in Live Preview mode), arrow keys scroll the canvas of the note that has been in focus before alt-tab. No community plugins enabled.

Did you got the problem solved i am still facing some issues if you have done please explain me in detail.

@Brakus no, I have not solve the issue, but I can say, it reproduces not on every document. Maybe you should create a new document and watch carefully when adding a content when (if) the issue starts reproducing. I would do it myself, but I forgot the note on which this issue affected me, so…