Any clean ways to change text color of headings?

Are there any clean ways to change the color of headings to make things more organized? I understand that standard markdown has no support for text color, so I typically use span elements to accomplish this.

### <span style="color: blue;">Heading</span>

This has worked for me very well so far, until I get to internal linking with headers. When Obsidian tried to link a header, the header name inlcudes the whole span element which I don’t want the header identified as.

[[Note#span style color blue Heading span]]

Is there another way to achieve changing the header color or hiding the span element in the header name, or would this be a pending feature request?

I think Obsidian should have some basic support for text color just because it makes things far easier to read.

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Is this what you mean?

Yeah, that works, but not applicable to my current use case. I don’t want every H3 to be the same color. I would just defined my own headings in CSS instead and not use the markdown headings, but the Obsidian linker won’t recognize these as linkable elements.

.custom-header {
  font-size: 26px;
  color:  skyblue;

<span class="custom-header">Header</span>

Maybe define a cssclass for that note only with front matter. Would be all the H3s in that note, but not globally.

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