Annoying: Curser get's lost while typing again and again

What I’m trying to do

I’m simply trying to type in my notes. Nothing special. But my cursor get’s lost all the time. This means, that while typing my key presses are suddenly not recognized anymore and the cursor is not in the text anymore as well. When this happens, the top border of the window flashes one time for a brief moment. To get back to typing, I then have to grab the mouse and click in the editor window again. This can happen quite often, like every few words or sentences and it completely messes up my flow of typing up to the point where it is not tolerable any,ore.

I am using Obsidian on several PCs and across Linux and Windows 11. My entire Vault including all plugins and all settings are synced by Obsidian Sync. What I don’t understand is that this happens only on my main PC under Windows 11. On the same PC on Linux and on at least three other PCs on Win11 this does not occur. Too bad, that the machine it happens on is my main PC that I use the most.

Things I have tried

In an older post from like 2022, somebody solved a similar problem by disabling and then reenabling all plugins. I tried this but it did not change anything. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled obsidian but it did not help either. Also I have vim-mode disabled.

If it’s only happening on one computer, it’s possible it isn’t your vault or plugins.

I have (or had) a weird bug in MacOS when my keyboard focus would get lost to some process. I haven’t had it happen in a while, but it was really annoying.

You might have something on your PC that is causing this. Is it only happening while in Obsidian though? For me, it was anywhere.

Yes, it is only in Obsidian. That is the weird thing.

So, I have found a solution to my problem. During my research I have found a tiny app called “Focus”. It runs in the command line and logs which apps are commanding focus. That way I found out, that it was the app for my mouse and keyboard (Logioptions+) it seems the app wasn’t set up completely and it tried to put out a notification which didn’t show up. Each time it tried this, it grabbed focus. After finishing the setup of that app, the error didn’t accour anymore.

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