Annotator plugin problem: seperate note with annotations

Hi all,

I’ve been using the annotator plugin to directly annotate PDFs in Obsidian. This all works great, including using backlinks, BUT, sometimes (and this is seemingly at random), Obsidian will create a new note and place all annotations in this note (with all the metadata etc.). However, this means the annotations disappear from the pdf document itself that I’m annotating.

Does anyone know why this is happening? And how I can stop it from happening? I tried different ways of renaming the PDF note or deleting the newly created note, but this does not help.

Many thanks in advance!


Same issue.

I right clicked on on two different PDF annotations of mine, one which is working, one which isnt working. The difference between them is 3 lines of markdown code. It seems for whatever reason the code will disappear (not sure why).

Solution: Go to the note which doesnt work; add in

annotation-target: A.attachments/AME 08-11-2023.pdf

Properly have the name of whatever PDF annotator is supposed to reference. Then go to the top left of your screen, hit the three vertical dotes and click annotation.

Hi Zalarad,

I’m not sure what you mean. You’re just referring to how to open a PDF to annotate it. This isn’t the problem, the problem is that Obsidian sometimes creates a different note (different from the PDF) in which it stores the annotations, instead of keeping the annotations with the PDF file.

My markdown code simply looks like this:

“annotation-target:”: C:\Users\user\Zotero\storage\TGNUZI2H\nameofpdf.pdf

Can explain what you mean by adding in the annotation target? Should I do it again? After I’ve already specified the annotation-target? Also, how would referring to the PDF name help, as you’re supposed to give the entire path?


Same issue. Happens seemingly randomly; once I realize it’s happened I have to merge the two notes.

Hypothesis is that it may have to do with changing the title of the note, possibly while it’s open in another window. But I haven’t tested this.

same issue

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