Annotating PDF files - a wonderful discovery

I’m just starting with Obsidian after moving from Joplin (long story).

In my many notes I have quite a number of pdf files. Today I found an option when viewing a pdf to view it in its native app. I have Adobe Acrobat. When I clicked that it opened the file in Adobe, but went through some processing first that I didn’t understand.

Anyway, whilst in Adobe I added some notes to the pdf wondering if those notes would remain after I closed the file. I saved and closed the pdf, exited Acrobat, and then went back into Obsidian.

My notes were all there and visible! This is going to make my life so much easier.


I’m new to Obsidian too. Can you elaborate on the steps you took to do this? I have been trying to establish a workflow with my Google Play Books notes that makes more sense. Currently I have to import them as a .pdf and do a copy+paste to get the text into an Obsidian text file. Rather cumbersome.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. For some reason I never got an e-mail notification that there was a reply to this post.

All I did was view the note with the embedded pdf in READ mode and the first page of the pdf is displayed within the note. Then click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the pdf and there’s an option to “Open in default app.” Since my PC has Acrobat as my default pdf app, it just popped right up in Acrobat. I always get a flash screen about an untagged document and just say OK and it seems to scan something for a few seconds.

After using Acrobat’s Sticky Notes feature, I just save the pdf and exit Acrobat. When I go back into my Obsidian note, the sticky note is there and viewable.

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Thank you!

Thanks! I didn’t know about it.