Annotate Text with Tags

A suggested feature to include is to provide the functionality to tag text; a word, sentence or a paragraph. To my understanding, in the present setup, adding a tag to the sentence means only placing a tag along the sentence which inadvertently changes the the contents layout. The tag in no way is associated with the sentence per se. What is required is a method to tag for e.g. the 3rd sentence and the 6th sentence in the paragraph without the tag being part of the sentence. Thus preserving the content layout while permitting tagging.


What do you think this would look like? Something like a ^block reference ?

While the Block Reference functionality may be used for this purpose, it still suffers from the same problem of messing with the layout of the text due to the auto generated lengthy block reference ids. Maybe something to the effect as shown here may help understand.


@hiwire03 given that we’re working with plain text files, how would you suggest we approach this?