Annotate text in Obsidian


I’m trying to figure out how to annotate notes in Obsidian.

I want to annotate using two panes, one with the text and the other with the annotations. An annotation is just some text + a link to a paragraph in the note; when you click the link, the first pane jumps to the annotated content.

I imagine a plugin can add an option to ‘annotate’ when selecting some text, possibly adding them at the end of the note. It also could provide some visual cues.

Perhaps this can be archived without a plugin! and I don’t know how :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

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Hi cristian, fellow user here. It looks like what you’re trying to do might be accomplished with footnotes:

It might not be 100% what you need, but it might get you close.


almost! :slight_smile:
I miss something to edit footnotes in other pane then,

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It would be useful and neat to have annotations/footnotes that are similar in functionality and ux to “comments” in Google Docs and MS Word. I’m sure it could be done with a plugin.

@scwunch I also believe that the Ux can be almost the same, I think the only limitation is what can be selected (pointed to) which in this case is a block. It doesn’t bother me though.,