Annealing for better Graph View?

I searched around and didn’t find anything similar to this, but it might just be hard to search for.

Use case or problem

When the Graph View populates upon startup, location of nodes is substantially random. I usually take a minute or so to grab a few nodes and shake them, which allows the graph to settle into a less random pattern. For those of you with some materials science, complexity science, or machine learning background, I am “annealing” the graph to help it find a better local optimum.

Proposed solution

It would be nice to have an “Anneal” button that jiggles all of the nodes for a short amount of time. You could call it something more accessible like “Shake.”

Current workaround (optional)

Taking a minute to shake individual nodes, as described above.

Related feature requests (optional)

This would accomplish Render graph view so that nodes of notes in same folder are closer - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum if notes in the same folder share a lot of connections.