Anki to Obsidian Plugin: How to add multiple cards in one note in Obsidian?

I want to know How to add the multiple cards that fall into different decks?
for example, my note may look like this if my idea is implemented:

Chapter 1

TARGET DECK: Chapter 1

Q: Question 1
A: Answer 1

Q: Question 2
Q: Answer 2

Chpater 2

TARGET DECK: Chapter 2

Q: question 1
A: answer 1

Q: Question 2
Q: Answer 2

Use the regex given in Wiki of the plugin (Obsidian_2_ANKI) for QA type and put it in the settings

Yes, I did it but what do I do if I want to put cards of different decks into one obsidian note?

for that you can’t use Regex. For that you will have to use standard bolcks.
I guess y ou can request @Pseudonium to include something for such a case.

Yes, I am heading to his Git hub page for requesting this feature.

I would rather suggest a different approach. Easier and something ANKI Manual and users suggest as well. Read here in the manual.

Basically, have limited decks. Maybe just one or two. And you can create custom decks using tags. And tagging is now really easy thanks to @Pseudonium. any tag around your card is now identified as an ANKI tag plus a global files tag or a folder tag option. I have moved on to this method as it was getting weary to add deck names on all my notes (some very small (atomic?). I made out tags that I would have used as decks and used them to create custom studies.

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