Angle brackets in codeblocks that in blockquotes

In blockquotes, I can put angle brackets <> with \ before it to not recognize it as HTML tag.

> \<test>


And in code block, It will not take <> as HTML tag.

>>> repr(min)
'<built-in function min>'

(Here I use &lt; and &gt; to represent <> within <pre> <\pre>)

>>> repr(min)
'<built-in function min>'

However, when I put code block in blockquotes, the <> in code block is recognized as HTML tags again and can’t be escaped with \:

>>> repr(min)
'<built-in function min>'
>>> repr(min)
'\<built-in function min\>'

I am not sure if it’s clear enough, I am not familiar to HTML and Markdown :frowning:

Steps to reproduce

Showed above.

Expected result

Not triggering the HTML code.

Actual result

Recognized as HTML code.


  • Operating system: WIN10
  • Obsidian version:12.19

Nesting codeblocks in blockquotes is not supported. Please, open a feature request.