Andy's Evergreen notes published on Obsidian website

Hi I just found out that Obsidian has published the original Andy Matuschak’s notes ( on its own website in the almost exact same format and structure! See this: Evergreen notes - Obsidian Publish

Can someone please tell me how did Obsidian achieve this? What tool did they use?


I didn’t know this! Thanks for sharing.

Obsidian Publish

Thank you @WhiteNoise. I noticed just now. This one is at $8/month. So have to think about it. One question in case if anyone knows - those beautiful horizontal peripheral side deck views - can they be seen only after you have written your text notes and saved? Can I not see that same structure when I am writing those notes and don’t want to publish them using Obsidian Publish?

I think you a re referring to the plugin called “Sliding Mode / Andy mode”

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Or maybe you just want the graph and table of contents on the right side. Both things can be anchive within obsidian. You can drag and drop to the sides

Thats right! Thank you! I am not too techy. So what is the best way to get this plugin? I think this is the link: is it? If yes, what is the best way to add to the Obsedian Windows app. Will this show up in a ready to install manner under the “third party plugins” in the Windows app menu?

You can install plugins from within Obsidian, just enable third party plugins and browse the availabel pluigins

I suggest you to read the included docs in the help vault.

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