Android Shortcut / Default to new note?

Hey all, been an Obsidian user and supporter for several years now, but only just looking into a more elegant solution for my workflow; wondering if anyone knows of a good method.

What I’m trying to do

I’ve got a folder I use just as general capture of ideas to be sorted into more relevant folders later, or addressed, or whatever. I’m an Android user, and ideally I’d like to be able to use a shortcut through Nova launcher to open a blank, new note in a specific folder, which is deleted if I switch to a different note without typing anything (so to as not start stockpiling blank “” files).

Anyone know of a good way to do this?

Things I have tried

I’ve looked through the default Nova shortcuts, and the custom ones through Sesame, though the only options are to open Obsidian. This is currently what I have enabled. But for example, I can set one to open the “quick add” function of Todoist; I’d like something similar for Obsidian. Not sure if there are any plugins that might assist, or any way to add this functionality.

I also looked through the settings to see if I could toggle the note the app opens on. Ideally this would be a new note in a specific folder as I said, but anything to make this as frictionless as possible would be ideal. Seems the default is to open on the last open note; though I poked through the settings and didn’t see a way to modify this behavior, either.

Would appreciate any advice! Thanks.

What you require likely will require implementing features, perhaps through a community plugin.

With respect to the note that the apps opens on, there is the option to open Obsidian on the daily note (for this, the core plugin Daily notes must be enabled). One workflow could be to just capture on the daily note, and then, during your review - while you have more dedicated time anyway - move relevant materials to separate notes and folders.

Obsidian requires you to title a note, so naming the note is an unavoidable first step if you immediately wish to note in a different file. The way I tend to work with this (on desktop) is to just have notes created in the root folder. Then, again during the review, I clean the root folder by moving the notes into my simple, max two-level folder structure. On mobile, I would just use the daily note as described before.

In any case, you never could be “stockpiling” blank “” files in a single specific folder: only a single file can have a specific name.