Android - Randomly logs 1 in 10 SMS messages

Randomly log 1 in 10 SMS messages

This is just kind of cool and I wanted to share it.

Any time I get a text message, there is a 10% chance to trigger a MacroDroid macro.

It first anonymizes the data somewhat (removes name, makes time vague), then logs it (prepends) to a file:

The Obsidian app has to load and open before it can write - so I have it so that when a log is to be made, a notification is shown, and it will wait to write the log entry until you press the notification. If multiple logs occur before logging, they are concatenated accordingly. This way you could just do it once a day, or even just automate the whole logging process to happen every 24 hours or something.

I’m not sure what to do with it, but I think it could give me an interesting timeline of my communications with people. Especially when linked to my Daily pages, or with keyword mentions.

But I might stop it later - I’m still not sure how to feel about logging messages in a .txt file, lol.

I also think 1 in 10 is maybe way too many some days.

Can you make this program trigger the MacroDroid every time when receiving the message?

I find this function very comfortable, especially if you are deleting the messages often. If this service stores the messages on the platform? So I can ever time back at this platform and read them all? I often use the different shady phone services like generating temp phone number service to prank people for my TikTok videos, so any other related to this topic programs that you can suggest to me will be really appreciated.