Android: Capturing things using the 'share' button to an inbox

Currently, I’m using Obsidian to store quick notes and drawings from my android tablet that I sync with my vault.

I do this by pressing ‘share’ in any android app and selecting ‘Obsidian.’ Obsidian then captures the ‘intent’ and pastes the content in a note I choose. It also downloads images, like drawings I did with the stylus.

Now I want to be more organized and store some metadata, such as when and from which application I captured the content. My goal is to have a better inbox for everything I capture from android, to eventually be processed from time to time, moving the valuable stuff to more
permanent notes.

Does anyone do something similar?

I thought about the quick-add plugin, which allows you to do something similar. But I don’t know if it captures ‘shared elements’ in android.


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