Android app to quickly create a new markdown file

Do you know of any barebones markdown app for Android, with which I could toggle some kind of shortcut, creating a new file for capturing a quick note to a specified “inbox” folder inside the vault?

This is super bare bones in that it’s plain text entry, but you can achieve this with Automate or MacroDroid.

See this post, and also the first post in the thread:

Video of quick capturing a task:


I use the Markor Android app and its QuickNote for this.

My Markor settings make it access my Obsidian vault files location:

LEFT.Obsidian_RIGHT.Markor.PNG | Markor settings.PNG

To keep my Obsidian notes compatible with regular Markdown I use the following settings for all my Obsidian vaults(& check my setup in Markor) …

Under Files and Links:

  1. “Default location for new notes” - “Same folder as current file”.
  2. “New Link Format” - “Relative path to file”.
  3. “Use [[Wikilinks]]” - “off” … yet I still get the advantages of [[]]
  4. Detect all file extensions - enabled
  5. “Default location for new attachments” - “In subfolder under current folder”.
  6. “Subfolder name” - value: “attachments”.
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