Android and/or iOS app to use that supports markdown image preview?

Really finding this difficult to find right now.

GitJournal is buggy on me such that I can’t clone my repo + emojis get transformed to text form.

I found Spck Editor to be great on Android, but it doesn’t support image previews.

Working Copy on iOS works great tho! But, I would tbh want an option for Android more haha. I got surprised that iOS was the one who had this support.

Any help on this would be great thanks!

Have you tried any of the apps from this thread ?

I did, they all don’t support image previews (only img src html works for I think one or two, I tried the different ways of importing images on markdown haha) bar GitJournal, but it has the emoji issue amongst other Git related bugs which makes it unreliable.

Makes me think about whether most people who have markdown based notes are actually iOS users.

Hmm, you might be right about that.

I would suggest posting your question to that other thread I shared. You’ll get a lot more relevant eyeballs :eyes:

Many of the apps that use markdown syntax and deal easily with images are database apps. That’s true for iOS and Android.

Most of the suggestions on that thread are specifically looking at markdown editors using files. Their functionality has limits, and again that’s true for iOS and Android. @a.u

Yeah, I have very low expectations for mobile markdown apps, so this hasn’t been an issue for me personally.

What do you mean by image previews?
I use markor and epsilon notes and both handle images very well provided you sync the correct folder structure containing the images along with the md files.

I’ve been multiple hours into this issue and I’ve solved it. To spare others the hassle, hereby my answer to the issue I was having:

  • How do I use Obsidian on my Windows PC & can easily view and edit the notes, including the images, on my iPhone.

My requirements:

  • All attachments (images, videos, pdfs) are in one folder (keeping the folders where notes are clean).
  • Usage of WebDav (not iCloud, Dropbox)
  • Image preview works smootly in iOS app
  • When I move notes around in Obsidian, the links shouldn’t break.

Short answer:
Disable Wikilinks and use Relative Path to file, see image below. Do this in combination with the app 1Writer.

Long answer, based on the list of Brett Terpstra of iPhone apps which support WebDav and suggestions I’ve came across in other places, I’ve tried the below apps, but none worked with the links which are the standard in Obsidian (wikilinks):

  • Notes Writer
  • Joplin
  • Paper
  • Drafts
  • Bear
  • Ulysses
  • Working Copy

1Writer also doesn’t work with WikiLinks as images, only when the image is in the same dir as the note. But one of my requirements was that I didn’t want that as folders become quite messy. If you use standard Markdown for all links, this also solves the issue 1Writer has with Piped links. It doesn’t look as neatly when editting, but to me, the major benefit of having access to my Obsidian Vault from my iPhone, is worth it.

If somebody else found another solution, I’m very curious!! :slight_smile: