Anchor Links Between Docs?

I am not even sure what to call this (see image), but I would like to be able to do something like this between documents and cannot find the type of formatting that I need. What would it be called? Is it possible?

I love the Obsidian concept so far, really thinking it’s pretty darn neat :slight_smile:

Hey there! This sounds like linking to headers might be a good choice?

So for example, the text in File 2 could be

## Green Cells

and ## Beige Cells

And then to link to it in File 1, you would type [[File 2#Green Cells]] and [[File 2#Beige Cells]] and it would link straight to that header.

Is that what you were looking for?


Many thanks for that useful bit of coding . That should prove very useful for my notes. BTW what is the coding, or software package that you use to do this sort of thing?

Thank you for your reply! This is exactly what I seemed to be looking for in formatting! I will be testing it out in a bit! Fantastic! Many thanks :slight_smile: