An Perfect Epub Converter to Markdown Books

I am try to convert epub books into markdown books and it is very hard because what most apps like pandoc do is to convert html to md that messes with linking so badly. In addition to that, a lot of epubs i find don’t have especial naming like having an ISBN prefix to file names. Fixing that adds more problem to linking.

What if there was a app or plugin to import epub book into markdown books in especial obsidian format (because there is a problem with that too). From as far as i can see, books are perfect format for markdown and html already have too much needless complication for a book. It could convert people to use markdown more, which is good for obsidian and markdown users. what do you think about it guys? I think adding books to our vaults is much better than just usual highlight importing since we can block reference and even append stuff like tags inside the text.