An Outer Wilds (Game) Canvas that I created during my first playthrough. [Spoiler Alert]

Hello everyone,

First I would like to warn everyone that this Canvas contains spoilers about the game Outer Wilds.

I started using Canvas around December 20th when it was released and I loved this new feature because so many of the things possible with it were among my dream features for a PKM.

Around that time, I was playing a game called Outer Wilds, at the start of the game I was feeling somewhat lost on the plot, and I noticed that you had to collect and reorganize the information you discovered, so I had the idea of using Obsidian Canvas to collect and organize information while practicing on Canvas, using it to make my playthrough a smooth adventure.

This process was very fun and helped me a lot on my understanding of the game’s story and where I needed to go to advance on the game, eventually I ended up with a huge laggy canvas that can be seen on this video.

Obsidian Canvas - Outer Wilds Canvas - Single Canvas Version - Laggy

Eventually I tried to improve the process and created another canvas that used the concept of portals and multiple canvas, that allowed me to navigate from canvas to canvas on some sort of free-form map so that the performance was improved, but the data organization was also improved. This resulted in the following Canvas.

Obsidian Canvas - Outer Wilds Canvas - Portals Version

So I wanted to share this project that I had lots of fun in doing, learning and practicing while I was playing Outer Wilds, I hope this is helpful in some way to other people.

The project can be downloaded on this link:

Outer Wilds Canvas Vault - otarU1921