An OSS plugin to sync Apple Health to Obsidian (willing to pay $200 for it)

Hi guys, I’m doing weekly reflections (solo or as a group) using Obsidian and every time I have to open my health apps, I use Whoop, Oura, Muse, Neurosity, etc. to track my heart, sleep, strain, brain data

I’d pay for someone building a plugin that sync Apple Health to Obsidian easily (happy to share more details). It has to be open source ofc so it benefit everyone.

I think there is a YC company that does an universal API to sync health data (forgot name, google it)

I built this in the past, could be useful code to look at: GitHub - louis030195/ai-health-assistant: An open source AI health assistant


Feel free to DM me on X at @louis030195 if I don’t answer here

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