An Obsidian-Fantastical calendar app "Integration"

If you’re using Daily Notes or the even-more-powerful Periodic Notes by @liam, you can take advantage of templating to generate the text of the dates of your notes.

Turns out this provides a neat way to create links to dates in Fantastical via the app’s URL Scheme.

Including e.g., this text:
will generate a link to the daily/weekly/monthly note’s date in Fantastical in your notes.


Thanks for this! I found the documentation for this but wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. Is there a way to control the view as well? Typically I have a week view open but curious to have it open in day/agenda view. Also is there a way to have a table version of my events brought into Obsidian so that the events are part of my note.

it doesn’t look like there’s a parameter for view. You might want to write the Fantastical team to request it!

I’m sure there are ways. I have not developed any though!