An error occurred while loadin Obsidian. Error: EACCES: permission denied. (windows)

What I’m trying to do

Open a folder not only with md files but with some project files with node_modules.
Specifically with vue file. It’s a pnpm symlinked file.

Things I have tried

I tried adding

  "userIgnoreFilters": [

but the error comes presumably before it loads the exclusions.

  • No plugins, newest version. Everything works with other folders without node_modules.
  • The permissions are obviously correct and the io errors on windows/node can be very misleading.

Tried to reproduce by

mkdir x
cd x
pnpm init
pnpm i vue

now pnpm created the correct symlink, which looks like a folder in win explorer (compared to broken one which looked as a file).

So the solution is probably to restore/reset pnpm packages/links.

I deleted the offending file and everything/the node app still worked as expected.

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