An easier way to export out of obsidian

I love obsidian. However, the main issue has always been exporting stuff “out” of obsidian for other folks.
For slides, I tried advanced slides, but it is now deprecated and contains bugs such as crashing the screen.
For conversion to latex, I tried pandoc, but it has some issues such as links not being seen and not being able to convert citations.
I tried longform for combining multiple notes, but there is always extra steps that needs to be done to thereafter use pandoc.
In conclusion, there needs to be a much more straight forward way to take notes, combine them into a paper/google doc/slides, and share them to the world.

As a result, I am unable to use Obsidian for serious production level slides/research papers etc., unless I by hand copy paste and then reformat each note I had created in Obsidian which takes a lot of time in practice and somewhat defeats the purpose of using Obsidian since I could just have made a bunch of google docs.

Does anyone know a better means with which to export stuff out of Obsidian? A plugin which makes this process as seamless as possible is highly needed.


This doesn’t address combining, but you can copy from reading view to get rich text instead of markdown.

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That’s neat! For now, I am resorting to copying that rich text, then pasting it into ChatGPT to give me a non markdown formatted thing, then pasting that into Google Docs. Not ideal, but gets the job done.