An easier process for linking to external file manager

I am trying to make linking to external files easier. The pattern I use is;

[file name](<file:////full file path here>)

There are two ways to get this into obsidian either I copy the path and paste it and then copy the file name and paste to get the full path then add the necessary brackets; or do a ctrl+c on the file then paste into excel then copy the full address from excel and paste into obsidian to get the full path to work with. Then add the front and end characters.

Alternatively if I do a simple drag and drop or copy paste the file into obsidian I end up with something that looks like this;

![[file name.xls]]

Two issues with this second process 1) I can’t see the url address so I am not sure what makes up that link, 2) In the preview pane this link will have a box drawn around it which is unwanted particularly when these links go in a table which is where I typically place links.

I am looking for an easier way to add my file manager links into a note. Does anyone know of an easier way to do this? The first way above seems like a lot of work and the second method is not appealing for reasons mentioned. I feel like I am overlooking an easier process?

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Ctrl drag into Obsidian, it will make the external link for you.


Excellent thanks.

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