An alias wrongly treated as a list of aliases by obsidian if they contain comma in them

Use case or problem

I usually use IDs for naming my notes and use aliases as the real longer name, the problem is that for some reason aliases considered as a list when they include a comma in them even if it is wrapped in quotation marks. so a single string treated by obsidian as a list of aliases which is very annoying because using comma is a very common in titles. I have to manually delete commas from aliases after capturing and importing them into obsidian.

Proposed solution

If possible change that. I don’t know if it is a obsidian specific thing or just the constrains of underlying based it is build on. So I just can ask for a solution rather than proposing one myself.


It works when you use this notation:

- hello, there
- other Alias
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thanks, that was really helpful.

Sounds like that works for you. I’ll move this to resolved help. In future, please make sure to search before posting a new FR:

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