An AI that understands your Obsidian workflow

hi folks

just excited to share a new feature i built on File Organizer 2000.

fo2k can now “understand” what file you’re looking at and format it based on a custom prompt!

this is v0 so don’t expect to much, but in the video below you’ll be able to see how the AI assistant understands that it’s looking at a workout file and decides to apply a special workout prompt to it.

how it works:

  1. define a category (e.g. workout, coffee, movies, etc)
  2. define a prompt for the category workout: if you see a workout file format it so the squats are always at the top…

and then when you’re viewing a file you can execute the “AI Format” command which use ai to know what type of document you’re looking at and then automatically format it.

to learn more go to

what do you folks think?

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